srijeda, 20. srpnja 2016.

Voice of Greece e-QSL

Voice of Greece, transmitting from Avlis, Greece, was logged on 8th of July, and was heard from 18:40 to 18:55 UTC from Sveti Juraj u Trnju, Croatia. (Yes, I took a bit of vacation.) The Voice of Greece came in on 9420 kHz, and SINPO was 55555, considering Voice of Greece transmitter is not that far away from me.

Opereta excerpts were heard during my listening, with orchestra and some excerpts were played a cappella. There was choir of females singing sometimes, and there was one female singing at a time.
Reception report was sent on 8th of July, 2016.
e-QSL was received in 11th of July, 2016.

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